Dental Assistant Job Description

Job Title:  Dental Assistant (DA)

Vision of Practice
Firstly, Southern Arizona Endodontics strives to be the leading endodontic practice in the United States and to serve as a resource for the dental community. Above all,  our foundation is built on a positive culture, continuing education, and convergent effort.
Also, with passion, selfless commitment, exceptional service, and state of the art technology, our team attends to all of those in a safe environment that exceeds expectations.
We accommodate and partner for success with all dental professionals to provide outstanding quality care in a timely fashion. Our patients return to their referring dentist educated and transformed by their experience. Lastly, we achieve personal and professional fulfillment by defining the standards of unprecedented community service.

Vision/Ideal Outcomes of Position
Firstly, the dental assistant is the right hand of the doctor taking care of the needs of our patients. He/she efficiently provides clinical instrumentation and sterilization so the doctor is able to care for each patient. Also, the dental assistant provides a warm, calm environment welcoming otherwise anxious patients into a clean and safe operatory. He/she sets the tone for the appointment by engaging in purposeful conversations that identify the patient’s emotional and clinical needs. In addition, the assistant is required to obtain all pertinent information through effective charting, proper set up and break down of the operatory, efficiently take diagnostic digital x-rays, and have a proficient understanding of equipment and procedure flow. Lastly, he/she is required to have a strong knowledge and ability to comply with OSHA, CDC and HIPAA guidelines. 

Knowledge, skills and abilities required:
  • Ability to function within a team environment as a supportive and positive contributor
  • Actively demonstrates professionalism through proper uniform  attire, attitude and punctuality
  • Ability to be flexible with schedules and the needs of the team
  • Strong team player willing to help others and other care teams
  • Strong communication skills, verbal and non-verbal with patients & co-workers
  • Ability to approach co-workers when situations arise using 3 step protocol
  • Contribute to creative problem solving
  • Ability to coach other co-workers on care team dynamics and quirks
  • Ability to build relationships with co-workers and contribute to in-office activities
  • Ability to market the practice through referrals, correspondence, and  courtesy calls
  • Proficient computer skills, ability to easily navigate Dentrix, Dexis, and Outlook
  • Excellent typing skills
  • Efficient and accurate intake of pertinent information from patient along with accurate charting
  • Excellent clinical skills- Ability to correctly pass instruments , anticipate doctors needs and multi task
  • Strong knowledge of how to properly clean and disinfect a room after tx
  • Strong knowledge  of  the instruments necessary for each procedure
  • General knowledge of all cements and mixing materials used for treatment
  • Overall understanding of all aspects of the back office
  • Strong understanding of HIPAA, OSHA and CDC guidelines
  • Motivated to seek continuing education opportunities through books and seminars
  • Keen understanding of scheduling and financial systems in order to support the processes from the operatory
  • Ability to manage the clinical inventory systems (tie tag) and limit waste
  • Ability to finds ways to keep busy and stay productive during downtime
  • Ability to manage schedule flow to benefit both the patient and doctor
  • High School Diploma/GED
  • Completion of Dental Assisting Program
  • DANB X-ray certification or working towards a certificate
  • Reliable and punctual
Key Performance Standards/Statistics
  • Accomplished goals and strategies per the individual’s annual plan
  • Efficient timely procedures, executed within the timed procedure guidelines
  • Being conservative with dental supplies and materials to keep within anticipated budget
  • Strong understanding of expectations of your care team and the full team
  • Room turnover occurs in agreed upon time
  • Effective communication to both Scheduling and Financial Departments
  • Positive patient reviews of the back office experience
  • Updated/user friendly quirks lists and visual aids to ensure any assistant is able to effectively treat with your doctor
Duties Performed:
  • Assist Endodontist(s) in procedures (three standard procedures)
  • Set up/turn over treatment room following OSHA and CDC guidelines
  • Clinical charting (S.O.A.P.)
  • Send correspondence to referring office
Clinical Management
  • Prepare the patient for the appropriate procedure (seating, be informative, comfort, etc.)
  • Take digital radiographs including pre-operative bitewing and periapical, off angle periapical working, and post-operative periapical
  • Record and communicate patients health history and any concerns to the treating doctor
  • Record and communicate any clinical preferences that the patient’s general dentist has with the treating doctor
  • Support the doctor during the procedure through charting and instrumentation
  • Assist the doctor during exam and treatment, staying focused and anticipating the needs of both the patient and doctor
  • Enter detailed and accurate notes with all the pertinent discussions of treatment recommendations, options, and treatment plans
  • Ensure timely and accurate correspondence to referring office/s
  • Maintain proper sterilization-package instruments in their correct groupings
  • Put away instruments in rooms and keep bur blocks and other supplies stocked
  • Proper disinfection of the operatories between procedures
  • Deep clean operatory and obtura gun weekly and fill out log sheet
  • Properly dispose of sharps into biohazard container and empty when full
  • Ensure nitrous and oxygen tanks are changed as needed and monitor use by filling out nitrous log
Practice Management
  • Do a thorough chart review and communicate pertinent information to the doctor
  • Review the schedule and address any special needs, or areas of concern
  • Debrief the patient and appropriately fill out the route slip in its entirety to ensure that check out understands what was done during the appointment and the patient is accountable
  • Organize the back office/sterilization and lab areas so that new or existing employees can function quickly and safely
  • Proper use of clinical tie-tag inventory system
  • Ask patients for a referral and hand out a business card. Quality care is always the best marketing tool
  • Make sure post operative/patient calls are completed as delegated with proper documentation
  • Write or call patients that made a special impact on the office, thanking them for being our patient
  • Participate in DA meetings
  • Volunteer on a committee
  • During downtime, all team members are expected to utilize the Downtime Project List. See coordinator for list
  • Proactively communicate with insurance and front office so that all the patients anticipated financial needs for future appointments are taken care of
  • Have a “can-do” attitude and seek out opportunities to help your teammates
  • Help 2 assistants per day outside of your care team
  • Actively participate in team meetings offering suggestions and ideas to better the practice
  • Check the assistant’s schedule to ensure staffing needs are met
  • Continually update your team’s quirk list to keep treatments running smoothly
  • Seek out opportunities to educate others and enhance our continuity of care
  • Be reliable, dependable and flexible
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