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Dr. Steve Chipman says, “There’s no place like it in America. Patients come in, have this incredible experience and walk out saying ‘wow’.

Steve Chipman

Retired DDS


a picture of retired Endodontist Dr. Steve Chipman

Several years after retiring from Southern Arizona Endodontics, Steve Chipman finds that he still can’t stay away from the office. He pokes his head in to say hi every week. He attends office events and regularly has lunch with many of his former colleagues.

Why does he care so much? He says it’s because he wants to continue being part of this most special practice – a team of doctors and staff known not only for their cutting-edge dental skills but also for treating people with the utmost kindness, courtesy and respect. From the fresh flowers in the waiting room and greeters whose only job is to welcome you, Southern Arizona Endodontics is a very special place.

Steve Chipman, a very special friend and colleague. He retired from our practice several years ago, but he is still one of us. 

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