Patient Care Representative

Job Title:  Patient Care Representative

Vision of Practice

Southern Arizona Endodontics strives to be the leading endodontic practice in the United States and to serve as a resource for the dental community. Above all, our foundation is built on a positive culture, continuing education, and convergent effort.
With passion, selfless commitment, exceptional service, and state of the art technology, our team attends to all of those in a safe environment that exceeds expectations.
Also, we accommodate and partner for success with all dental professionals to provide outstanding quality care in a timely fashion. Our patients return to their referring dentist educated and transformed by their experience. Lastly, we achieve personal and professional fulfillment by defining the standards of unprecedented community service.

Vision/Ideal Outcomes of Position
Firstly, a Patient Care Representative is the face and voice of our office. S/he is normally the first person spoken to and the first person met as patients walk in the front door as well as the last person seen before the patient leaves. S/he coordinates, integrates and represents all facets of patient services from the 1st phone call through continuing care compliance. S/he provides a calm and caring environment for patients who are otherwise anxious and concerned about “what is going to happen next”.  Most importantly, their positive attitude, warm smiles, friendly faces and enthusiastic customer service helps create a winning experience for everyone they come in contact with. All Patient Care members strive to treat everyone as a guest in their home, displaying empathy and a genuine connection. Lastly, they whole heartedly embrace the Continuous and Never Ending Improvement philosophy that is highly championed by their coordinators.

All Patient Care Representatives must be fully crossed trained in check in, check out, scheduling and operator. All Patient Care Representatives may be required to travel to various locations. 

Knowledge, skills and abilities required:
  • Solid relationship building skills
  • Strong desire to exhibit empathy and relate to patients
  • Effective influencing skills
  • Polished and professional telephone/conversation skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • In-depth computer knowledge of practice management software
  • Keen ability to market the practice
  • Excellent verbal skills with patients and staff
  • Overall understanding of office vision/philosophy (WHY) & Systems
  • Self directed & motivated
  • Sufficient ability to work with a team and display leadership skills as a supportive and positive contributor
  • Creative problem solving skills
  • Organized scheduling and thorough note taking skills
  • Thorough knowledge of DR quirks in regards to scheduling management
  • Overall understanding of all aspects of the front office (including pay-plans & insurance)
  • In-depth understanding of how scheduling and financial systems support Dr. Production
  • Self motivated to stay up to date on insurance information, dr quirks, referring office quirks
  • Because of the critical need for compassion & calmness, coupled with the concern we extend for patient confidentiality, speaking softly is required. We will conduct ourselves in a similar manner as if in a library while in the following key areas of the office: The clinical and patient care areas, and the offices that share a common area.
Key Performance Standards/Statistics
  • Successfully monitor daily production and scheduling quirks
  • Immaculate work station/ spotless front office
  • Legible handwriting on 100% of all patient materials
  • Excellent survey scores from patients in regards to greetings, phone calls and front office scheduling
  • Strict adherence to scheduling quirks
  • Support of the overall goals and strategies set by the PC Department
  • Internal referrals generated from marketing efforts
  • Continuing care compliance
  • Strict adherence to scheduling templates for the individual endodontist that creates balance, efficiency and the best service and care for our patients
  • The achievement of the productivity, efficiency, customer service and profitability goals set for Sierra Vista in the SAE Annual Plan
  • NS and Cx %s kept to the agreed upon %
Duties Performed
  • Implement a system to schedule emergency patients, new patients and significant treatment blocks appropriately.
  • Fill late cancellation or no show with quick call patients
  • Utilize an effective courtesy call system that reinforces commitment to the appointment time
  • Utilize SAE scheduling concepts to effectively schedule the entire doctor and dental assisting team efficiently and effectively
  • Monitor online communication from Demand Force
  • Adhere to the guidelines laid out on the scheduling quirks
  • Maintain all computer records to the highest standard
  • Maintain all printed materials presented to patients in the highest standard
  • Monitor your assigned doctors schedule daily to ensure production goals are met
  • Schedule patients over the phone and face to face
  • Utilizing excellent verbal skills to convey our philosophy/vision statement to the patients that call our office
  • Maintain control of the schedules while at the same time giving patients appropriate options and communicating a genuine concern for them
  • Strive to have every time slot of the doctors schedule filled
  • Utilize the quirks list for all appointments made
  • Coordinate with the doctor care teams for seamless delivery
  • Effectively utilizes a continuing care system that helps ensure patient follow up at the appropriate intervals
  • Be prepared to collect all forms of accepted payment
Team Work
  • Prepare for the day by communicating any important information to all team members
  • Cross train teams so that they are able to integrate appropriately
  • Participate in all team meetings
  • Keep team informed of next available opening including emergency time and pre-blocks
  • Exemplify the practice philosophy/vision in all actions and decisions
  • Use excellent verbal skills with team members as well as patients
  • Encourage efficient and office focused use of time and discussions
  • Conduct yourself as a self directed team member
  • Take initiative when practice is running behind or under staffed
Practice Management
  • Use great verbal skills with the patient to instill confidence in the upcoming dental procedure and the amazing talents of the dentist and dental assisting team caring for them
  • Ask patients for a referral/online testimonials and hand out business cards Quality care is always the best marketing
  • Write or call patients that made a special impact on the office thanking them for being our patient
  • Participate enthusiastically in all team meetings
  • Maintain an active and positive role in monitoring individual statistics and how they relate to the success of your position
  • Vigorously participate in all continuing educational opportunities to expand your skills set
  • Enter detailed and accurate notes with all the pertinent information that will enable the patients appointment to run effectively and efficiently
  • When called upon to communicate information to other offices and patients, do so in a timely and professional manner
  • Reinforce positive culture by not participating in gossip or red behavior
Equipment used (includes but not limited to)
  • Computer
  • Telephone
  • Scanner/ printer/ fax machine/calculator
  • Dental software (dentrix)
  • Coffee machine
Leadership/ Self Direction Responsibility
The number one duty of all employees in patient care is determining and meeting patient needs while conveying the S.A.E Vision and brand promise to everyone we meet. This guide is an outline of duties which generally must be accomplished daily, weekly and monthly to ensure the Patient Care department is running smoothly and effectively. It is the policy and understanding of this office that when you have completed your duties and have free time, you must check to see what needs to be done elsewhere. It is expected that you will perform any function asked of you knowing that you will never be asked to do anything that is illegal, immoral or unethical. We stand by our vision of the practice to provide an atmosphere of continuous learning and of mutual support where everyone bands together as a team to provide the utmost care to our patients while honoring one another.
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